Yes, you can capture your special day or event with Photography, but to really remember it, you need our videography package and watch your day for years to come



Wedding Videography - £999.00

Full DVD film plus 3 minute trailer to music or 20 minute short film


1. Pre-Consultation

As standard, you will meet our planning and operations teams at a wedding pre-consultation. Here, we will discuss your package and customise to your special day. We will go over your timings, running order of the day, any special surprises you have in store for your guests and most importantly, how you want your day to be filmed and portrayed. We will discuss editing, styles of filming, angles and what you will be doing on your wedding day. We will show you previous work we have done, if you haven't seen it already. The purpose for this consultation is to provide our videographers with graphic details of your day to make sure we capture everything you want us to.


2. The Wedding Day

You will receive an experienced wedding videographer from 10am on your wedding day to capture you getting ready and the 'pre-wedding nerves.' Your videographer will spend your day with you, filming up close and blending into the background capturing wide angles. They typically will leave you after your first dance has been recorded or 9pm, whichever comes first.


3. Editing

At Sparks event management, we guarentee your edited footage will be dispatched from our office 28 days after your wedding. You will receive both your long film and other extra complimentary film on a personalised DVD, delivered directly to your home address. Your long film's duration will depend on how much footage we film. We aim to typically dispatch roughly one hour on your DVD. You can add videographers and extend your times to make this duration more. 




Wedding Videography - Add On's

Perfect to enhance your film and extend your DVDs duration


1. Additional Videographers - £175.00

Add another videographer to your day. Between 2+ videographers, we will ensure both parties are filmed getting ready, along with your venue being dressed and set-up. You will then be able to see everything you didn't get the chance to see on your wedding day. 

The Additional Videographer will be with the other wedding party typically from 10am and will stay with you right up until the end of the ceremony. You will therefore get multiple views and angles of your ceremony.


2. Extra Time - £150.00

Keep a videographer with you until the very end of the night to film the last dance, wedding bloopers and everything that happens after the first dance.


3. Additional DVDs - £15.00

Add further personalised DVDs to your package for £15.00 - an ideal present for parents and family.


4. ** Aerial Drone** - New for 2018-2019 Season - £389.00

Add our drone to your wedding day to capture photos and videos from 400 feet. You will receive 3x 15minute flights of our drone. You can decide the times of these flights in your wedding pre-consultation. This Drone Elite package costs £449 at a stand alone rate. But you can add it on to your videography package for £389.00

Check out our Drone's videos on our youtube channel.


Some of our previous work:

Please bare in mind, Youtube does reduce the video quality. Contact the office and we will happily send you actual footage.

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